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Are You Reading Your Genealogy?

I always encourage people to “read your genealogy”. What that means to me is;  are you reading books which are either; genealogy how-to books or are you reading novels that are … Continue Reading →

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The DNA Angel Project – October Edition

It’s October and it’s time for the next edition of The DNA Angel Project™. Click HERE to enter. DNA is a complicated subject and there is so much to learn. … Continue Reading →


A New Tool For My Toolbox and A DNA Angel Alert

Today I’d like to tell you about a new tool I’ve purchased to create videos. It’s called Animoto and I’ve already created a few videos. The first one I created was … Continue Reading →


Reverse Engineering Someone Else’s Tree

  Have you ever checked someone’s DNA tree and thought, this isn’t a tree it’s a sapling. It’s hard to figure out your connection if they are your third cousin … Continue Reading →

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Fishing In Three Ponds

With the recent announcement by 23andMe that they will now offer a DNA test that is for genealogy purposes; you now are able to fish in all three ponds for … Continue Reading →

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Update DNA Angel Project™- September Edition and a Special Offer

The winner of the September Edition of The DNA Angel Project™ is James A. from St. Catherines, Ontario. James is our very first Canadian winner. James has won a 45 minute consultation … Continue Reading →


What Can I Do With My Photos?

At at recent meeting a lady asked me; what can I do with my photos after I’ve scanned them?  Often I have to rein myself in when I get asked … Continue Reading →

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The DNA Angel Project – September Draw

  It’s September and time for The DNA Angel Project draw. With all the kids going back to school it seems appropriate when the DNA Hound and Shop the Hound decided the … Continue Reading →

Donna's 2014 Panel

Display Your Story

On my Pinterest account I have a board called,  Display Your Story which is a board where I collect ideas for creating and displaying those photos I find. I think it’s important to not only … Continue Reading →

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If School’s Back, Can Christmas Be Far Off?

School is back in session and this always makes me feels like I should get organized. It also makes me think that Christmas is just around the corner and it time to get busy and … Continue Reading →

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