Are You Using Pinterest For Your Genealogy?


I know many of you use Pinterest for vacation ideas, recipes, hairdo photos and many other things. But have you every thought about using Pinterest for your family history?

One idea is that you can create a board for each family name that you are researching. Another idea is that you can make a board for that dream research trip your thinking about. Where would you go? You can pin all the archives, museums, family history centres, history societies and libraries that you might want to go to. Think of it as a bulletin board where you keep all those important papers together so you don’t have to search here and there in various folders on your computer. All your information is in one place and what makes it even better is that it’s accessible to you even if you haven’t brought your computer along with you; all you have to do is login and everything is waiting for you.

One of the newer features of Pinterest is that when you create a board you can now make  it private and only you can view it or you can invite others to either view or participate on that board. So you can use it for collaboration or just for passing photos back and forth between you and that cousin in Australia.

What about searching on Pinterest? Have you typed  the word genealogy,  family history  or DNA in the search bar lately? It’s amazing the number of ideas and articles you’ll find posted there. You will literally spend hours getting lost in what Pinterest has to offer.




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