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If you’ve checked around our website at Shop the Hound you might have seen that we have a new section called; For Your Health. You may have asked yourself what does this have to do with the other products they sell? One of the side effects of doing genealogy or scrapbooking and many of the other things we do requires us to sit. As a society, we sit a lot. This leads to aches and pains in our shoulders and neck.  Even if we do get up and get outside and are active this can lead to minor aches and pain in various parts of our bodies.

In the category; For Your Health, you’ll find things that help you to relax. One of our newest products is the IQ Massager Prov 5. It’s a portable Tens unit with 12 massage modes and 20 levels of strength. Both I and my husband have had one for several years. Kevin is a Harley rider and he loves to take his on a long trip so that he can get a massage while he rides. Then when he get’s off he’s not as stiff and is ready for more riding the next day.

You’ll often find my IQ Massager in my pocket when I’m doing a trade show. As you can imagine standing for 8 or more hours can be hard on your back. But I’m getting a nice massage and at the end of the day, I won’t say I’m not tired but I’m nearly as stiff as I use to be.

You can buy the unit and accessories individually but we’ve decided to bundle the unit with the slippers and a large butterfly massage pad. Yes, slippers that will give you a foot massage at the same time you are massaging your back. The best part is that we have an introductory price for this bundle. Usually, all the pieces would come to over $365.00 Canadian but we are offering the bundle for $199.95. the unit has a 5 years warranty and is approved by the Canadian and U.S. Board of Health.

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