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Darn You Amazon Easy Button

I have to admit that I’m becoming a bit of an Amazon junky. Their 1-click button has become my easy button and with my Prime membership, I don’t pay for Shipping. I love how I can do my Christmas shopping from my own home.

Did you know that all the DNA companies sell on Amazon… well many do.

See the DNA deals on click HERE

See the DNA deals on click HERE

Save 20% anywhere in Vivid-Pix by using promo code 3HOUNDSAVE20

You can save on RESTORE, Land & Sea or Land Sea Scuba  To find out more Click Here 


Ancestry Canada

Didn’t get your AncestryDNA (Canadian) kit last week? Don’t worry you can still get them for $99 here. Offer good til December 24th

Give Ancestry DNA and open a world of possibilities. DNA Kit only $99 CAD!


Ancestry U.S.A.

For our U.S. you can still get your AncestryDNA kit

DNA Kit for $69 Give Family History this Holiday and Save.



All the DNA tests are on sale at FTDNA 

Family Finder save $40 

Family Finder + Y37 (males only) Save $80 

Family Finder + Y67 (males only) Save 

Family Finder + mtDNA Full Sequence Save  $70

Family Finder + Y67 + mtDNA Full Sequence Save $114

Y37 Save $49

Y67  Save $39

Y111 Save $60

mtDNA Full Sequence  Save $30

Order HERE 


Try findmypast for FREE for 14-Day

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Did you know that 23andMe is one of Oprah’s  favorite things? Make it one of yours

(click on Oprah name to see what other things are her favorite)

Get $30 off each kit at Give the gift of a 23andMe kit. Offer ends Dec 26.






Priced just right



Wills!! A Subject No one talks about but something everyone needs

Quicken Willmaker Plus 2017 – 35% Off at Use coupon code ESTATE2017 during checkout. Expires 01/31/2018.

I back up my entire computer every day with iDrive

IDrive Remote Backup




I love Animoto. I use it for my personal videos as well as for video I use for my business. Save 15% with the promo code YEAR15. 15% off Annual plans at Animoto

15% off Annual plans at Animoto


Get your Living DNA kit for only $89 for a limited time. Click the ad or click HERE for more information.


BCG Quality Day of Education (enjoy now)

Enjoy a day of Education with the BCG. Learn from experts. This recording is available for a short period of time. Click HERE to find out more.


What will you learn?   Sign up for this and other upcoming webinars at Legacy Family Tree.


Have you thought about saving your photos to the Cloud? You can with Think of it as insurance for your photos. Their guarantee is for your lifetime plus 100 years and it’s backup with a fund so no matter what happens your photos will be protected for years to come. For the month of October, you get 20% more storage no matter what size package you purchase. You need to get your photos in the cloud and protect them for your family for years to come. Click HERE or click the ad to find out more. Just go to Deals.

Kenyatta Berry is one of the hosts on Genealogy Roadshow and she has written  The Family Tree ToolKit and you can pre-order on Amazon.

Stop… Is your Grammar correct?

This is one of my favorite tools.


I use my Shotbox all the time. It makes my items look like a professional took the photo

My program of choice for writing is Scrivener. You can try it for 30 days before you pay. Not 30 consecutive days but 30 days of use. That’s incredible.


Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)


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