The Evolution of Family History Hound


I’ve told you how I started on my genealogy path and although I was a family history hound, the site Family History Hound and the subsequent other sites were not born until I met my husband; Kevin.

Just like my genealogy passion, my life with Kevin started on the internet.

Kevin and I met 6 years ago this past February, on the dating site eHarmony.  I think it’s a great site and it worked really well for us. but I do know there are others that haven’t had the same experience. Kevin is a computer consultant and an entrepreneur and so after being around him  I realized that I’d like to try being an entrepreneur too. From that; Family History Hound was born and then Shop the Hound.

Having Shop the Hound feeds the need I have to help others. I try to have products in the store that help you look after your photos; by scanning them and backing them up. Or getting them easily from your camera to you computer. I’m a firm believer in; “Think smarter not harder”… so I look for techy items. We have DNA guides and I’ve just recently added some bling in the way of Angels from Jacqueline Kent Angels.  We have many other items and I hope you’ll check out our site.

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