Connect with Cousins – The DNA Angel Project – November Edition

This month’s DNA Angel Project is about connecting with cousins. Over the years that I’ve been doing genealogy and now work with DNA, I’ve discovered many cousins.

Cousins in Canada and around the world.

I’ve learned that sometimes, it doesn’t take many years before families lose connection with other family members.

One of the reasons it’s so great to connect with these lost cousins is because they have information about your family that you may not know or they may have photos that you’ve never seen and of course you’ll have the same for them. It’s all about collaborations.

So with a little bit of help perhaps you can connect with cousins.

Thanks to Ancestry Canada, we have two prizes for our Canadian followers, and thanks to Shop the Hound, we have a prize for our US followers.

If you’d like to enter please click on the appropriate link.

If you live in Canada you can enter the Canadian draw HERE

If you live in the USA you can enter the US draw HERE.

But be sure to enter before December 8th at 11:45 pm CST and be sure to share with a friend to get additional entries.

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