September 2022 ✨Dare To Declare✨ 

Dare To Declare to Organize Your Photo and Digital Legacy

Often I meet people who have photo collections of their own which include the photo collections of their parents, and they know that they need to do something with them, but they just don’t know where to begin. Sometimes it just feels like a huge mountain to climb, and they don’t know where to begin.

If that feels like you… then this September, I dare you to “Dare to Declare.”

I feel that FOREVER is a perfect fit for organizing your photos, videos, and genealogy, so starting in September, I will have weekly training on Tuesday afternoons to help you with your collection. Each session will be 30 min plus 10 min Q&A. The sessions will start at 2 p.m. Mountain. Here is the schedule.

September 6 –  Focus on Uploading and Deleting – app and computer overview.

September 13 – Focus on Organizing – Album structure/ nested albums and using the Bulk Organizer.

September 20 – Focus on Sharing – Shareable links to photos and albums (including QR codes), collaborative albums, and Family & Friends sharing.

September 27 – Focus on Projects – AutoBook and Table Top Panel Demo and creating gifts.

Are you ready to declare?

If you are, join my Facebook group called September 2022 Dare to Declare. Once you’ve signed up, post your challenge and use the #daretodeclare. If you don’t already have a FOREVER account, then I hope you accept my invitation HERE

Don’t want to sign up for the Facebook group? No worries, you can also sign up to my emailing list (specifically for this event), and I’ll send you the registration info for the event once it’s available. Don’t worry I won’t send a bunch of emails just the registration information. 🙂

Have a fun summer.

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