As the Family History Hound, I’m always on the lookout for genealogy tools and deals. Here are just a few that I think are worth a second look.  These are more or less permanent links that you can always go to. If you want to know more, then just click on the banner and you’ll be taken to that company’s website.

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Now that I have my Wavebook I love my Evernote account even more. Click on the ad below to go to their website.


Digital Storage



Are you scanning your photos and saving them on your computer? Are you concerned about protecting them from being lost if your computer crashes? I save my photos several ways. First of all, I have an external hard drive attached to my computer that backs up my system every night. Next, I have a PictureKeeper PK32 that I use to back up my photos and then put that PK32 in my safe deposit box. Finally, I have Forever digital storage account. 
What’s Forever digital storage? Below are some of the great features.
Your photos are guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years. That’s an incredible guarantee, and they are your photos; not the website’s photos you always own them, and you can designate who has access to these pictures and who is the beneficiary.
You can get your 10GB of storage by either paying a one-time payment of $299 U.S. or 12 monthly payments of $29 U.S. After the 12 monthly payments the storage is yours. This is not a membership. Then if you decided that you want more than you can add 10 GB of additional storage for just $9 a month or a one-time payment of $99.
 You can find out more by going to my Forever Page and clicking on Products and then Digital Storagehttps://www.forever.com/ambassador/ellenthompson-jennings


Writing Your Story

Have you thought about writing? It doesn’t have to be the great American or in my case; Canadian novel. You might just want to write to pass along the things you’ve learned about your ancestors to preserve for the future generations.


I use Scrivener and I love the corkboard and how it keeps my project organized. It FREE to try out for 30 days but it’s not 30 consecutive days it’s 30 days of use. So why not try it out?


Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)


————————— DNA ————————-


Ancestry DNA Canada   

I’m from Canada so this is where all my Ancestry DNA kits are purchased from.  You are given a detailed report on your ethnicity as well as cousin matches. Maybe someday I’ll figure out the Beaton/Batten Mystery or Who Godfrey Myrtle is.

ancestry dna canada

Ancestry DNA U.S.

  ancestry dna 2

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)  

I have a special place in my heart for Family Tree DNA as they were the first company to provide DNA testing in Canada. They give you your ethnicity and cousin matches, and their chromosome browser provides greater insight as to where exactly you and your cousin match.


I have to be honest with you; I haven’t yet tested with 23andMe but I went on a DNA cruise with some of the leading genetic genealogists and I was told that it’s the most comprehensive test. I was told that 23andMe is the only company that will determine if siblings share one or both parents and that can be valuable to an adoptee. I was also told that if the test taker is primarily interested in an estimate of their “ethnicity”, then 23andMe was the best choice.



Don’t get caught off guard! Back up your computer

IDrive Remote Backup

Genealogy Tools 

Find my Past 

Trace your family and build a tree with Find my Past. Excellent source for U.K. records but there are also U.S. and Canadian records. 

Find my past

Ancestry. ca  (Canada)

ancestry dot com


Ancestry.com (U.S.) 

ancestry. 2




SHOTBOX when you need the perfect light to photograph those family mementos. Click here to find out more.

Shop Amazon.ca


Or Shop Amazon.com


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