Reading Genealogy – Before We Were Yours

The last several months and especially the last couple of weeks have been hectic. Last fall my father put his name on a waiting list for a unit in a … Continue Reading →

Disconnected Branches

I haven’t written about the Beaton/Batten Mystery for quite some time, but I work on the DNA connections that I get daily. I thought that it may be of interest … Continue Reading →

I’m Hot On The Trail And Using #DNA To Solve A Mystery (Part 1)

(permission was given  by John M to use photo)  I have a mystery in my genealogy.  I call it the Beaton/Batten mystery. The whole mystery is based on family stories, … Continue Reading →

British Home Children

As many of you know I am in search of Willie Beaton, my great grandfather. Well at least I’m in search of who his real parents were. One thing that … Continue Reading →