I Want You To Have All The Facts About FOREVER Storage

Just like you, I always like to make an informed decision. I know I do because I bought a car recently so I went over all the details to make sure I was getting what would work best for me at the best price.

So I wanted to let you know all the

  • The Guarantee – FOREVER will protect your photos for your lifetime + 100 years and it’s backed by a **Permanent Investment Fund **. That might sound boring, but it means that FOREVER invests the money so the money will be there for the future. Even if FOREVER didn’t exist. Find out about the fund HERE.
  • There is No data mining and No advertising. It’s your content. So you own your content and retain all rights. You may already have a photo storage system that’s FREE. But you should wonder; “what’s in it for them”? Are they data mining my photos?
  • Don’t rent your storage. Own it. Buy it and it’s all yours. Even if you opt for a monthly plan you still own it after one year.
  • Full-resolution, no compression. FOREVER doesn’t compress your photos and always stores them as full-resolution photo files. Just like the day you took them. Whether you’re paying for your photo storage or if it’s free you may want to look at whether that company is compressing your photos.
  • The FOREVER Fund is used to ensure that the technology is keeping your photos up-to-date in your lifetime and for 100 years after.

Now I feel better. I’ve let you know my thoughts and it’s up to you whether you decide that FOREVER Storage is right for you. If you’d like to read more or check the pricing. Go to Storage after you arrive at my page HERE.

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