I’m A Convert

As I continue with my scanning project I’ve come across items that I just can’t scan. You know the things I’m talking about; VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and some photo negatives.

One of these items I absolutely know that it’s a VHS tape of when my son was at the skating rink where the Edmonton Oiler’s skated back in the days when they were at Rexall Arena.

The cassette tape is of my dad talking and telling a story and the negatives look like they are from a trip I made with my two sons to Vegas. No, they didn’t go gambling they went on a rafting trip with their grandfather by the Hoover Dam.

These are all items that I can’t handle with myFlip-Pal®. But as a FOREVER Ambassador, I have a solution, I can buy a conversion box. (see below this is a medium box)

What’s a FOREVER Conversion Box? The boxes come in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large. Each has 3-way shipping, so the box is shipped to you, you fill it up with your videos, cassettes, negatives and you can even put photos in it. (I don’t because I scan my own but I wouldn’t think badly if you did). Then the box is shipped to FOREVER Scanning and they can be loaded on your FREE account at FOREVER and they can also load it on a USB stick (extra charge) if you want. Then all your things are returned to you. The cost includes the 3 ways shipping via Fed Ex and then depending on the size of box you purchased each comes with a dollar value of conversion. Don’t worry if you go over because FOREVER will give you a call and let you know.

I know what your thinking. Is it safe to ship these precious items? Well, I worked in the oil and gas industry for 24 years in purchasing and I only recall 1 package ever being lost and we shipped things each and every day. Sometimes several times a day (and that one thing was finally found awhile later).

Yes, there are other places that you can have the conversion done but when you look at the prices and you considering the shipping it’s not that different and for me, it’s safely in my FOREVER Storage account for my family and I to enjoy for years to come.

Find out more for yourself. Just go to Storage after you reach my FOREVER page. Click HERE.

Always check DEALS because I know the conversion boxes are often on sale.

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