I offer genealogy, DNA, and photo organizing services. See a more in-depth explanation of what I have to offer below. You can book a FREE consultation or paid sessions in my


Genealogy Services

I don’t want to do your family tree; I want to leave that fun to you. But I can help you should you need content about your Alberta ancestors. If you see something, I can help you with below, please email me, and we can discuss how best I can help you.

Alberta Vital Stats  I can order and pick up Alberta Vital Stats that meet the following criteria. 

  • birth records that are 120 years or older (from the date of birth) 
  • marriage records that are 75 years or older (from the date of marriage)
  • death records that are 50 years or older (from the date of death) 
  • stillbirth records that are 75 years or older (from the date of stillbirth)

Alberta Homestead Package (hourly fee, plus the cost of copies) 
Description: If your family homesteaded in Alberta I will be happy to locate the records and provide you with copies of those files.  

Meat to the Bone Package (hourly fee, plus cost of copies)

Description: Are you looking for details to add to your Alberta research that will make your tree more than just names and dates. I provide you with obituaries from location newspapers, local history books information, history of homes, coroner reports, and more. 

Photographs (hourly fee, plus the cost of copies plus mileage)
Description: Need a photo taken? Whether it’s a house, a cemetery marker, or anything that will complete your Alberta family history.

Document Pickup  (hourly fee, plus the cost of copies) 

Description: If you need a document from the Alberta Archive, Edmonton Archive, Glenbow Archive, or Edmonton Public School Archive, I can do your legwork.

Need DNA Help?

Have you recently received your DNA results but wondered how you can use this information to prove your genealogy? Or do you have DNA cousin matches, and you don’t know how they might connect with your tree? Let me be your DNA Helper. (Book a session in the calendar below or purchase through Shop the Hound. I offer 1, 5, or 10-hour sessions).

Private Photo Organizing Sessions

Are you enjoying your photos like this?

Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Wish you had someone who can help you? Or do you have a Photo Project that you’d like to have an outline for? You can schedule an online Photo Consultation for either 1-hour or 5-hours. Let’s get together and come up with a Photo Plan that will work for you.

Save $25 when you use the promo code FamilyHistHound on our 5-hour package. Or choose the 5-Hour Photo Organizing with Bonus and receive 10 GB of FOREVER Storage. A 10GB FOREVER Storage plan is regularly $199 US but you’ll receive this bonus at a significantly lower cost.

Or perhaps you’ve just joined me at FOREVER and would like to learn some FOREVER Storage Basics with the Hound, then you can book an upcoming class. There is a $10 fee but 40% of your purchase will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. Find an upcoming session below in the calendar.)

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