If you have Artisan 6, then you’ll want to, at the very least, check out the Pixels2Pages site to take advantage of their FREE getting starting information and see what a P2P membership can offer.

But another idea is to try P2P for one month and get a feel for how much you can learn about your program just by having a membership. I have a membership, and I know it has helped my art look so much better than if I just tried to learn the program independently.

Another advantage of P2P is that there are new blueprints each month that are exclusive for P2P members.

And four times a year, there are crop events available to everyone, but the FREE art is just for P2P members. Another added bonus of your membership. Here are two pages created by a friend of mine that explains it beautifully to learn more about these crops. (You can click on the image, and it will appear larger)

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