Here you will find helpful articles about organizing your genealogy and DNA. More links will be added as they are found

  • Your DNA Guide – Diahan Southard’s blog has some excellent resources
  • 4 Genealogy Organization Tips to Whip Your Research into Shape written by Vanessa Wieland ( Family Tree Magazine)
  • Organize Your Way to Your Best Genealogy Year by Allison Dolan (Family Tree Magazine)
  • Research Trackers and Organizers (Family Tree Magazine)
  • Genealogist’s Code of Ethics (Board of Certification of Genealogists)
  • Getting My Poop In A Group Genealogy & Photo Rewind)™
  • The Organized Genealogist (Facebook Group)
  • Organizing – Let’s Begin The New Year By Accomplishing One Organizational Task (blog by Diane Gould Hall)
  • My Genealogical Will For Preserving My Family History (Devon FHS)
  • DNA Informed Consent Form © 2017 Blaine T. Bettinger
  • Genetic Genealogy Standards
  • Organizing Your Genealogy Files: A Practical Approach – Amy Johnson Crow Podcast with Janine Adams is a professional organizer and genealogist.
  • DNA and Genealogy Tracker available from Shop the Hound (FREE)

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