I’ve mentioned FOREVER Artisan before and how much I love to use it. But now there is a NEW Updated version FOREVER Artisan 6.

This is the world’s best digital scrapbooking and design software to help you bring your memories to life as photo books, cards, wall art, and much more.

I encourage you to download the FREE program to get the feel of it. You’ll have powerful tools at your fingertips to edit and autocorrect.

When you purchase FOREVER Artisan 6 you’ll receive 15 exclusive digital art kits for FREE (valued at $111)  including papers and templates for the NEW Seamless Layflat Photobooks.

What I like about Artisan it is so easy to be creative. I am often amazed that “I made that”.

Here are some of my projects…

Use FOREVER Artisan 6 to Share Your Story or be like me and have your own Art Journal to relax with and show your creative side. Create scrapbooks, photo books, cards, calendars, mugs, and much more. I’m even using it to create my own family history book.

Be sure to go to “Deals” so you can check if there is a special on FOREVER Artisan. If there is…. booo yah

Tip: if you decide to purchase Artisan 6 be sure to check out  Pixels2Pages. P2P is a group of Pixies that are experts on Artisan and they provide videos, blueprints, how-to explanations that will help learn Artisan. Have a look at P2P HERE. You can always join for one-month for free to see what it’s all about. But even if you don’t be sure to check it out as there is a free portion of the site that can help you get started.

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