Saving Your Genealogy FOREVER


If you’re here, then you’re a genealogist… or perhaps you’re someone who is just starting out and would like a process that you can use to preserve your genealogy for generations to come.

I created this program in 2021, and I continue to add and fine-tune what I do.

Your Genealogy is the collimation of photos, documents, videos, and other records that you’ve collected. But where can you store them that you can share with your family and with others for generations?

FOREVER was my answer, and I’m so excited about it that I want to share it.

Step One

This is where we lay the groundwork to set up your genealogy files. You can read about it HERE.

Step Two

The next step is about staying focused and checklists. This article gives an overview of step one as well as step two, which is all about tracking your progress. You can read that HERE.

Step Three

Coming Soon.. I know there is already a Step Four.. but Step Three is all about you.

Step Four

This step is about putting things back together for the physical items I’m keeping and more organization at FOREVER. You can read that article HERE.

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