My name is Ellen Thompson-Jennings, and I’m the self-proclaimed Family History Hound.

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As a teen, I interviewed my great-grandmother, asking her questions I’d found in a book. I worked on my genealogy for a time, but then children came along, and life got busy, so I put the answers she gave in a cardboard box that I kept for over 40 years. Then 20+ years ago, I decided; I can do this; I have the time. That’s when this journey started. Through family history, I’ve discovered numerous cousins; I’ve learned who my ancestors were and, in some cases, why they did the things they did.

Along the way, I started my store, Shop the Hound, where I  like to showcase tools for genealogy and DNA and some of the fun things I think you’ll like. I also offer my services through my store, and you can see the services I provide HERE. Or, if you like, you can book time with me to discuss your project through my Calendar.

After my family, I have three passions: genealogy, genetic genealogy, and photos.

I discovered genetic genealogy in 2010. Since then, I’ve tested each of my parents as well as their siblings. If their siblings were no longer alive, I then tested my cousins. I’ve tested at all the DNA companies and I’ve trained with DNA leaders in the genetic genealogy field. Although I’m not an expert, I believe my deep dive into the subject and my love of genealogy will help others with their own quest.

I also believe a byproduct of genealogy is family photos, I have my own, but I have received many from cousins and inherited my parent’s collection. So I’ve learned how to sort, organize, and share my photos, and I can help you.

If you need help either in the way of genetic genealogy or photo organizing, you can sign up for a 15-minute one-on-one to discuss your project on my Calendar.

I hope you’ll follow my blog and my journey, and in doing so, this will help you learn about genealogy, genetic genealogy, and how to preserve your photos.

I published the Genie Journal, which is available at my store, Shop the Hound, and on Amazon as well as my latest challenge book called Organize & Declutter Challenge, also available on Amazon.

What is a Genie Journal? It’s a journal where you can record the story of your ancestors and the Story of You – The Star™. But it’s not just a journal; it contains tips from genealogists and DNA experts from around the globe as well as writing prompts to help you tell your ancestor’s story.

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