Cyndi’s List

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Over the weekend I met Cyndi Ingles. Yes, Cyndi Ingles from Cyndi’s List. I know if you aren’t a genealogist you don’t know what Cyndi’s List is but if your reading this blog then you probably know .

It’s incredible the number of links that are on her site; over 333,000 all of which she has personally checked. If you come across a broken link then be sure to send a message to her reporting  it. The most incredible thing about it all is that she does it all herself. No she doesn’t have an assistance, she does it all herself.  Some people don’t even think she’s a real person. I have to tell you, in the words of Uncle Ken’; your wrong.

So when you look  at the site, I mean really look at it, you realize how much she has accomplished.  She’s been working on this for 35+ years. Hey if you have alien ancestors there is info for you and for many of us we feel like that ancestor has just dropped out of the skies. Whether you’ve been doing family history for a while and especially if your new, Cyndi’s List is a must go to site.

If you search around,  there are links for those pesky alien ancestors


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