As I told you yesterday; this hound is on the hunt for DNA.  So a few years back, after getting my results from Family Tree DNA  I decided to put my information on Gedmatch. Gedmatch is a third-party site where you can upload your raw data from Family Tree DNA, Ancestry or 23andMe. Each of the sites provides information as to how you can download from their site.

Once you have the raw data, it’s relatively easy to upload to Gedmatch. There is a waiting period after uploading the raw data before you can run the “one to many” report but in the meantime, there are still quite a few reports you can run.  Like the “one to one”, “one to many”, “who two people have in common” and even a few fun reports.. well at least I think they are fun..  “eye color predictor.”

I also need to tell you that Gedmatch is a free site, but there is a lot of work involved in making something like this work, so donations are accepted. Also, if you’re interested in triangulation then for $10 you can purchase Tier One.

The waiting period for your data to be tokenized is a few days but once completed you can immediately you can run the “one to many” report which matches you to others who match your DNA. If you’re from Family Tree DNA, your kit number now has an “F” at the beginning, and if you’re from Ancestry you have an “A” and if you’re from 23andMe, then you have an “M”. Of course Gedmatch only includes those people who’ve taken the time to upload their raw data,  but hopefully, your cousins are as enthusiastic as you are about DNA.


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