Walk the Talk


If you’re like me, you were raised on family stories. My father has so many stories that I’ve encouraged him to record his stories..more about that at a later date.

One of the many stories my dad had told us was how he had to walk three miles to school. I use to tease him saying; yeah, yeah and it was up hill both ways.  But when you learn that he started doing this walk when he was only five you realize that his mother was much stronger than I would have been. I’m not sure I could send my five-year old out in the middle of winter to walk three miles and to not know if he’d arrived safe and sound or not.

So after hearing about this walk for years I decided that we this was something we could do as a family and we could “Walk the Talk. So I invited my Dad, Mom, my two brother’s and their families as well as my children and my dad’s brother; Ken and his wife. After all Ken had to  walk the same walk when he was old enough to go to school. The date was Father’s Day and it was a great family outing and I believe we all had a good time walking the same ground that my father had so many years earlier.

My father enjoyed it too, but he did have to tell us that the county had cut down the hills so it wasn’t as far or as hard as it had been when; he was a kid. Yeah, yeah Dad…….

So think about the stories your parents have shared and see if you can incorporate them in a family outing and bring your family history to life.


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