DNA War (at least for Canadians)

Currency wars. SWAT police officer with currency symbols

There is still time to take advantage of the Family Tree DNA sale but don’t wait long. The Family Tree DNA sale is for Canada and U.S. Not sure which test to take at FTDNA? Then let me help you.

The Family Finder kit can be completed by anyone in the family; male or female. It will provide you with matchs within five generations in their massive database includes myOrigins, a mapping tool that gives users their ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from.  It confirm matches through maternal and paternal lines. Currently these kits are $69.00 U.S. and that’s a $30.00 savings.

Y-DNA can be completed only by males and will provide you with your father’s father’s father.etc… so your direct male line. You can purchase a 37 marker kit all the way up to 111 markers. Each are being sold at a $40.00 savings. Often 37 markers is all you need to start and if you decide to upgrade you only pay the difference later.

mtDNA can be completed by both male and female and will consist entirely of women. The mtDNA kits are on sale at a $40.00 savings.

There are other bundles as well. This is the DNA test that was used on the television show 20/20.

Now I said there was a war. If you’re Canadian, like me and you want to do your Autosomal DNA tested (that’s the same as Family Finder) but would rather test with Ancestry.ca then you’re in luck because they have a sale too. They are offering their kits for $99.00 Canadian and that’s a $40.00 savings. Want to find out more? You just need to click here.

But the Ancestry sale is over on August 22.

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