New Team Member

With so many distractions in our life it’s a wonder we get any genealogy done. Well at least it’s a wonder I do because there is my Pinterest account, Facebook; I have my personal page as well as Shop the Hound, Family History Hound and Hound on the Hunt. Of course, there is my twitter page; @familyhisthound and occasionally I can be found on Instagram; as familyhisthound. Then, of course, there’s my store; Shop the Hound as well as my website; Family History Hound.

So with all the things, I have to do it’s no wonder I had to find a Jr. Hound to help me out. So today I’d like to introduce Cali the newest member of my team. She doesn’t know a lot about genealogy but I know she had a pedigree and soon she will be a “Hound on the Hunt” just like I am.

Ok… well she might not be a lot of help but she sure has added to the team and has given me someone to chat to.