What About A Virtual Genealogy Society?

Virtual Genealogical Sciety

I have been a member of the Alberta Genealogical Society since 2006. I’ve had several positions in the organization and I’m currently co-chair of the DNA Special Interest Group. But sometimes for different reasons, we can’t all join a local society. Perhaps you have limited time or perhaps your community doesn’t have a society nearby.

Then the newest venture of several of my geni friends might be exactly what you need and even want. It’s the Virtual Genealogy Society and it was launched this week. So what do you get from this Virtual Society?

  •  24/7 access to a Members-Only section of the website
  •  Recorded monthly webinars by nationally-known speakers
  •  Webinar handouts
  •  Live chat with featured speakers in the members-only Facebook group
  •  Fillable PDF forms for family history research
  •  Digitized monthly newsletter
  •  Eligibility for prizes offered during monthly webinars
  •  Access to Special Interest Group (SIG) discussions and handout
  •  Discount on annual virtual conference registration cost
  •  Eligibility for prizes during the annual virtual conference
  •  Discounts on genealogy software, databases, publications and products
  •  Members-only Facebook group for networking, mentoring and socializing

If you go to their  website you’ll see they aren’t saying you shouldn’t join your local society or the society where your ancestors lived but for the low price of $20 (only $10 if you join before May 5th) you’ll have access to some fantastic speakers each month and the line-up for the virtual conference November 1-3 could only happen virtually. By doing this virtually they are able to bring some big-name genealogist together so we can learn from the comfort of our home.

Don’t get me wrong; I love going to the conferences that I do; RootsTech, SaskatchewanAGS , Kelowna ,OGS and Medicine Hatwere and are just some of the conferences I’ll enjoy this year and next. But these conferences do cost a bit to attend and except perhaps RootsTech never have all the speakers that the Virtual Genealogy Society is advertising. So I encourage you to join. I know it will be the best $10 or even $20 you’ve spent on genealogy.


  • Patricia says:

    A great idea. I have so much trouble hunting with Manitoba Gen society. They make it quite labourious and difficullt. Other than them, I cannot find much online.
    I just joined the Virtual Gen. society Love the idea.

  • Cheryl Lynn says:

    While not a new idea for “regional” societies who are struggling with getting volunteers and a population of aging genealogists, this is the first notice I have seen for a “national group”!

    I am willing to give it a go for one year and we’ll go from there. CL

  • Skyeisle says:

    Sounds brilliant to me if as described. I belong to the Illinois and Wisconsin societies for the webinars mainly, no virtual conference but a potentially helpful newsletter from Illinois as some ancestors lived there.

  • Alison M Hansen says:

    I’m in with both feet!

  • Gayle Glick says:

    What a great idea!!

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