My Family In WWI

I’m not sure I should admit this, but when I started doing my family history, I didn’t know much about history. History was just not a favorite subject when I was growing up. In school, I took the course and memorized the dates, and that’s as far as it went.

That changed when I started doing genealogy. As I learned more, I discovered the things that were going on in my ancestor’s world and the world, in general. It was only then that I took a real interest.

Below is a video that I created about various members of my family that were involved in WWI. (Just for your information I created this in Animoto)

Studies show that children who are engaged in learning about their family history are more healthy emotionally. Perhaps they’d be more interested in history like I’ve become.

What have you learned about your family in a historical context? More importantly, what are you teaching your children about their ancestors in history?


  • Bonnie says:

    Wonderful weaving of the stories of your WWI vets! Enjoyed watching

  • Patricia Proskurniak says:

    I too was exactly a history buff in school, but doing family history is a way more enjoyable way of learning history. I think more kids were enjoy it learning it this way. We all learn better in different ways.

  • Patricia Proskurniak says:

    Just watched your video and really enjoyed it. I have used Animoto for many years and love it. Even with my slow rural internet.

    I also did a video on a WW1 ancestor from Meaford, Ontario where my dad grew up. It was about 20 min long I think. I should see if I can load it up on Facebook maybe with a link to youtube, where I think I loaded it up to years ago. It’s so long I think because I used footage (with permission) from Norm Christie’s – King and Country where he was talking about the battles that my ancestor fought in.

    I’m sure your family is very happy with this video.