Steve’s Story

Please take a minute to read this from Steve, my friend Sheri’s client. His story touched my heart.

Here’s his story

Today I got emotional. As a 73-year-old guy, I’m not used to fighting back tears. I was not successful.

The day started off with excitement after I was notified my Mom’s 8mm movies (with unknown subjects) had shipped from media conversion. I had never seen these as I was in the Army in Viet Nam and Germany during most of my brother and sister’s growing years. But then I couldn’t wait.

After all, Forever consistently told me I could access my conversions online right away. It was my own fault, I should have known better, but as I was downloading a few of them I began to wonder what I might find. Was I doing the right thing?

As I watched through some of the videos, I was mesmerized by the memories of the people long gone from my life for varied reasons. I watched as my squad prepared to move off into the jungle in 1967. Several never made it home. I watched as my little sister ( now passed on) celebrate her 3rd birthday in a house I grew up in. I watched neighbors in my parent’s yard having barbecues. I watched my younger brother make faces to the camera. I watched as my young mother ham it up with her bowling team.

But then the coup de gras…. My grandmother at the farm I practically lived at while growing up. I saw her sister who lived with her and was my favorite aunt ( she always hid candy for me in her dresser), and finally, Timmy the dog, who was my best friend while growing up. At this point I lost it.

But you may be asking what this has to do with media conversion?

Well, prior to becoming familiar with Forever I had a few videos converted at our local camera store. Oh, the videos came out alright, they were exact copies, flaws and all. But the impersonal feeling when they just handed me the thumb drive and the baggie with my original media, it just felt so cold of a transaction. These were my memories.

“Memories” is not just a buzz word. It is one of the most important words they use around Forever. I don’t question that anymore. Now when I viewed these videos from Media Conversion, not only had they removed the “guck” from the front end of the video like most 8mm movies had from the light on the film, and at the end of the video it went to a soft fade to black, not just a tire squealing, rubber burning halt to the end of the movie.

These movies were sent to them in many of their original film boxes. Remember those Orange Film boxes? Forever had taken the time to use what was found on the boxes as the title to each of my videos. I couldn’t even read most of them myself.

I am forever thankful to them for this little courtesy. I’ll be honest. I was very concerned about the extremely long time it would take me to get my movies converted. But now that I have personally witnessed the care and quality of their work, I am their biggest fan.

I will be FOREVER grateful

Steve Howard

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  • lindafreeto says:

    This is a wonderful and heartwarming story from Steve Howard. When a story begins, the memories flow. When my mother passed away, my two younger sisters and I sat in her house, (the house we grew up in) and went through the pictures we found. Laughter, more stories, “do you remember when …,” conversations went on all afternoon into the evening. Because we were finishing up late, we when out to dinner together which very, very rarely happened. Five months late my youngest sister passed away suddenly. There is only myself and one other sister still alive. But the day the three of us spent the hours telling stories and showing pictures is a grateful new memory. Thank you, Steve, for your beautiful story.