Support Ukraine

I just received some mugs that I created and printed at FOREVER. I purchased them for myself, my sons, and several friends.

They turned out so beautifully I wanted to offer them to you. They are 15-ounce mugs, and they are dishwasher and microwave safe (although Edmonton water is a bit harsh, so I don’t want to dishwasher mine).

If you’d like to purchase, you can go to my public album and add to your order. They are $11.00 US plus shipping with promo code TIMETOBLOOM, so be sure to add the promo. This promo code works until April 30th. You can order them after that date just go to the DEALS page and find out if there is a discount offer available. (If you have a Welcome promo, you can also use that because promos are stackable).

If you order a mug and have me shown as your FOREVER Ambassador, I will donate my commission to the Canadian Ukraine Foundation. You’ll also see another version in the album (shown below), and I will donate my commission whichever you choose.
Note you may be prompted to set up an account, but this connects me to you, and I’m here to help you. See the order button below.

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