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A few weeks ago, AncestryDNA introduced its new Sideview Technology™ for your DNA ethnicity results, and I wrote a blog telling you a bit about how it worked. (You can read that HERE.) What Ancestry told us was that even if we hadn’t tested any of our parents at Ancestry, they could give us a clue as to where our ethnicity came from. That’s super cool.

But I was able to test my Dad at Ancestry, so what would his results tell me? When I look at my Dad’s Sideview, I can easily see his mother, Gladys, and dad, Alfred. I added the names using my clipping tool Snagit, but I’m told Ancestry will allow us to do the same in the future.

In last week’s blog, I wrote about my grandfather Harold not knowing anything about his father. Although my father’s DNA matches would indicate that he was probably French. So my theory is that all 17% of my Dad’s France DNA is from my grandfather’s mystery father.

If you look at this AncestryDNA resource page you’ll see that you get 50% of your DNA from your parents. After that, although the chart shows it as an exact 50% of the previous generation of our DNA, it’s not precise math. So, in reality, if this was my dad’s chart instead of that 25% for each of my dad’s grandparents, it could be a jumble of 26%-29%-17%-28% … or some other configuration. Or perhaps that mystery grandfather was not just French but French and something else. Until I figure out who he is, I can’t say for sure what other ethnic group he might have had.

I was told that my great-grandmother was part Irish, but because of the randomness of DNA inheritance, my dad didn’t have any Irish, although my dad’s brother did get 2% Irish. You can learn more about the randomness of DNA inheritance on this Ancestry resource page HERE. But it’s pretty likely that some of the England and Scotland might have come from Lily Shannon’s side of the family.

It will be very interesting to see where this sideview technology goes and what it will tell us as Ancestry expands on this new feature.

So my blog is called Ancestry Sideview Technology – Me and Dad, so what did I get from Dad? Well, have a look below.

So I got about 1/2 of my England from him and 1/2 from my mom because I have 52%. I got most of my Scotland from my dad because my mom only gave me 3%. For my Wales, I got 2% from Dad and 9% from mom. As I’ve mentioned before, I got only France from my Dad. Some from that mystery great-grandpa and some probably from a more distant great great great grandparents because these DNA percentages are not all recent; some can be hundreds of years old, and I do have more paternal ancestors that look like they go back to France. Finally, my dad gave me Norway but so did my mom because I have 6% Norway.

This is just a fun new way to look at your DNA, and as I said, I’ll be interested to see where this goes in the future.

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