Decluttering Your Home

(This is a continuation of my series on decluttering. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here.) Decluttering your home, office, and vehicle will change your life … Continue Reading →

How to Stop Accumulating Clutter in Your Life and Mind

How to Stop Accumulating Clutter in Your Life and Mind Most people don’t set out in life to have too many physical possessions or to have a lot of clutter … Continue Reading →

Ten Smart Ways To Take Control Of Your Schedule

There are a lot of things competing for attention these days. Therefore, taking control of your schedule and making time for the things most important to you is essential. Otherwise, … Continue Reading →

Too Many Tabs Tuesday

(The tools and tabs listed here may not be new to you, but they are new to me, or I’ve forgotten them and found them again, lol.) This post and … Continue Reading →

Does Your Genealogy Have A Future?

When was the last time you wondered what would happen to your genealogy in the future? I think about this quite regularly. I wonder whether I’ll get all my organizing done before I leave this earth, and I wonder if anyone will be interested in it. More importantly, I don’t want my family to handle it one garbage bag at a time. Continue Reading →

Dealing With Downsizing and Grief

This week I’ve been cleaning and organizing. But this time is different than other times because it’s bothering me more. Why is that? Why are you able to jump into … Continue Reading →

Downsizing In A Pandemic

Recently I decided I needed to do some spring cleaning. A few weeks ago, I was spring cleaning my computer, but why not continue in my home? There are all … Continue Reading →

Did You Have A Geni Resolution For 2019? Getting My Poop In A Group (Genealogy Rewind)

Wow, it’s already the third week of 2019. Maybe I’m just getting older and time is passing by more quickly. Did you know that January 17th was Ditch Your Resolution … Continue Reading →

Three Tools That Keep Me From Going Crazy

I had a man ask me a couple of weeks ago; “How do you do keep up with all the things you do”?  Sometimes I wonder that myself. So I … Continue Reading →

Ready Set; Organize

Today we continue with organizing… Well at least I’m try to do that.  The book I was telling you about; The 1-week Self-Organization Challenge by Simon Wright tells us; you … Continue Reading →