I’ve always been a reader, but genealogy has gotten me into some different areas of reading.  I’ve read; how to books, local history books, genealogy fiction and many others. I have a wish list of books to read, a mile long and I’d like to share what I’m reading and what I have on my wish list.

I know many of you still love to read a “real” book and I do too but when we are RVing it’s tough to bring the library along. So I decided that when I could, I’d read digital books so that I can bring my entire library with me.

Did you know that you can get the Kindle app and it will work on other devices? Your phone, your tablet, your iPad. Find out more HERE


So What Am I Reading Now?

I joined a book club for 2018 so I’m going to purchase this book in preparation for that discussion.

The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame: A Life of Louise Arner Boyd

Available on and


What’s On My Wish List?

My wish list seems to be getting longer and longer.   I can’t wait to start this one. I saw A. J. Jacobs a few years ago at RootsTech and he was highly entertaining. Click HERE to add to your wish list.

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