Begin at the Beginning

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When I started this blog I remember one of the people who followed said that they hoped to learn as we progressed and that is my hope as well. So I’d like to at least once a week post for those that are just started out on this new and wonderful sickness… cough, cough…. hobby.  But I don’t want to lose those of you that have been doing this for a while. It’s my hope that you may find a different perspective on or a subject you never thought of.

If you’ve read any of the beginner books about genealogy they will always tell you to begin with yourself.  I know that might be boring. Lets face it,  when your trying something new you want to jump forward to the good stuff. But it’s important to get a good foundation and start off  on the right foot. So that’s what you want to do when you start putting pen to paper (or keyboard to computer program) and enter what you know about yourself, your parents and your siblings and if your siblings have children enter that as well.  I know for me it wasn’t until months later that I realized that I hadn’t entered my niece and nephews which isn’t terrible but when you start looking at cousins and their children… leaving it for to long can get really out of hand.

As you enter each persons information think about what documents you have to prove each of the facts about that person. If your like I was you have family mementos and documents all over the house. Perhaps now is a good time to find an archival box that you can put all those papers and family items into so that they are together.

Once you’ve entered everything you know nows the time to go visit those other family members. Especially the elderly ones. Keep this information as notes don’t accept it as gospel, remember you want documents to back up the facts. So if they have any documents you’ll want a scan of them for your records. That’s when a Flip Pal or Zcan+ come in handy (Available at Shop the Hound I might add) and don’t forget photos they always make your family history so rich.

And so it begins. I caution you, at this point your probably past the point of no return. Welcome to the world of genealogy.

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