Creating My Family History Book

This is the first page of my family history book. It’s a work in progress, and I’m adding pages as I have time or if I have a particular story … Continue Reading →

How to Create a Realistic To-Do List

“In the coming weeks, I’m excited to share a series of decluttering blogs with you. For those who are eager for even more insights, I invite you to explore the … Continue Reading →

I’m A Mondays With Myrt Panelist

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been chosen as a panelist on Mondays with Myrt. I hope you will join us this coming Monday, March 11th, at 9 a.m. … Continue Reading →

RootsTech 2024 Round-Up

I can’t believe it’s been a week since RootsTech. If you missed being in Salt Lake, you can still enjoy the virtual event from the comfort of your home by … Continue Reading →

And The Winner Is

The total value of the prize is $159.53 US And the winner is Rose H. I will be notifying Rose of her win. Thank you to all who entered. Subscribe … Continue Reading →

The Countdown To RootsTech 2024

My trip to RootsTech starts in less than a week, and I haven’t packed, but I’ve done a few things you might like to do to plan your trip or … Continue Reading →

It’s Back – The Family History Hound Ninja RootsTech Giveaway

The Family History Hound ninja is back for RootsTech 2024. The Family History Hound is doing her best ninja impression in the RootsTech Expo Hall and looking for a prize. … Continue Reading →

Let’s Try Some Artificial Intelligence On My Genealogy

Note that I have tried to show ChatGPT’s written results so that they appear separate from my own. I’ve done this by either putting it in bold or if I … Continue Reading →

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Genealogy (Part Three)

Created using DALL·E with the prompt “make a picture of a lady genealogist looking at her family tree.” A few weeks ago, I was exploring some of the uses I’ve … Continue Reading →

Genealogy & DNA News

I was going to write another post about artificial intelligence this week, but there was too much news that I decided to postpone the AI post until next week. (If … Continue Reading →