Mother’s Day


Mom  2I don’t usually blog on Sunday but today is special because it’s Mother’s Day.

For me; today is a bit of a tough day because it is  the first time that I won’t have my mom with me. She died on March 12 of this year and in fact this blog was started on the day of her celebration of life.

My mom was a huge help for me when I  first starting to do my family history as she had photos and  documents that I was able to scan and add to my inventory and to genealogy program.   My mom came from a large family with quite a few cousins so often she helped me keep everyone straight as to who belonged to who. As I’ve said before it was when she wasn’t able to remember details of the family that I realized that something was going on with her memory and soon she had Alzheimer’s.

So often I hear stories of families that are very tight-lipped about their family history  and that’s a shame as it can be a lot of fun to connect on and it’s certainly was for my mom and I.

So I hope if you had a chance to be with your mom today (and she is willing and able) you ask those questions about her family. You never know when you won’t be able to.

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