Sleepless Nights


How many times have you stayed up late at night doing your family history? After all your on a hot lead, aren’t you?….  It’s only 100 or 200 years old. There are times when you get into bed and then roll over, roll over and finally you just get up. Something or someone is keeping you up.

That was the situation last night. Did I accomplish something? No not really, well maybe just a bit. I added more information to my ancestors and I even added some collateral ancestor. Collateral ancestors for me, are your direct line’s sibling’s, children and spouses.. and sometimes their children and spouses.. Why do I do that? I think you need those collateral ancestors for your tree so that when you are doing a DNA gedcom to add to the DNA site that you have your DNA at… that you provide as many connections as possible. So often,  I see others with very limited trees and perhaps they haven’t gotten that far back. By adding collateral ancestor on my tree, they may have a better chance to see where we have a connection. Now they can see (or search)  that family name that they didn’t know was connected to that common great great grandparent.

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