Ebay, Etsy, Facebook , Amazon…. All For Genealogy?

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You may look at the title of this blog and think; “What is she going on about?”. But it’s true because I’ve used all these site,  for just that, genealogy.

All you have to do is type genealogy in the ebay search bar and you get over 35,000 listings.  You can not only find reference books and cd’s but you can find family documents, genealogy work, and family photos. I bought my husband’s great uncle; Gordon Knowles’,  photo a couple of months ago. You can also buy maps, county histories, family tree programs and even time with a researcher (you might want to ask for references). What I find helpful is that you can set up alerts for searches; so you can enter your family name and if something is listed with that word in the listing then you will be notified. I also have alerts for places as well,  so that I can look at things from that area.

Etsy is another platform that I’ve used for my genealogy. I purchased a map of the county that my family lived in Ontario in 18??. It was a great find and I then had it framed and it has a place of prominence at our home.  Again you can find maps, family photos, city directories and even some fun jewellery and art. Not quite as many finds when you type genealogy but still over 1,400.

Remember I’m just searching for genealogy; you can search so many different ways, by country, county, place name, family name and I’m sure you can think of a few more than I did.

Facebook… can take up hours of your day. I say that because I try and limit the time I spend on FB, but I know it can be tough, as I manage several pages. One for this blog, one as a genealogy general information page and one for my on-line store.  That being said; FB has become a great resource for me as well. You can follow people who have the same interest and you can join groups that are interested in the same topic. I below to pages such as; Ebay for Genealogy, I also follow pages for genealogy by location and I’ve joined a lot of pages that have to do with DNA for genealogy. I even below to a Genealogy Addicts Anonymous page. Tongue in check of course; because who would want to stop… But you see what I’m getting at, you can find people with similar interests to yours, you just have to find them.

When you search Amazon  for genealogy that’s  when you get the granddaddy of matches over 174,000. Not only can you find things like books, programs and apps but you can also sort your matches  by % discount or by the vendor name if you happen to prefer one company over another.

So there’s a lot more that you can do that shop and surf on these sites and you just might find something special.

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