A Tongue In Cheek Open Letter To My DNA Cousin (Raw Data)

Letters air mail i on grass made in 3d software

Dear DNA Cousin;

First of all I want to tell you how happy I was when we connected. Over the years our families have drifted apart, but I understand, we all get busy with our own lives.  But that doesn’t matter now that we’ve found each other again.  I was really happy when I discovered that we had so many centimorgans in common and then to be an X-Match…. well what a bonus.

I hope we can get together soon and discover who we have in common and who isn’t in our circle. We won’t talk about those non-paternal events that have happened, they will be our “little family secret”.

Finally, I want to close and tell you that I love you dearly but can I ask a favour? Could you  send me a copy of your tree or give me a list of family names and it’s probably asking to much; but have you heard of GEDmatch?  and no it’s not a dating site. 🙂 Have a great day and don’t be a stranger.




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