Four DNA Kits

dna kit

This past week I received the four DNA kits that I’d  ordered from Ancestry the last time they had a sale. I had decided who I was testing when I purchased the kits but now that’s all changed.

The four kits were designated for one of my sons, my dad, my mom’s cousin; Margaret  and my brother-in-law; Don . My dad and my mom’s cousin I’d orders so that I would be able to separate out my maternal side from my paternal side on my DNA matches and my son’s was to have a representation  for he and his brother. Eventually I might have my other son do a test but that isn’t probably necessary as I’ve tested both of them on FTDNA. My brother-in-law Don’s test was so that I could help him find his family as his is an adoption story that I’d love to help him solve.

But my son’s test will have to be re-ordered as I’ve decided to test the last of my mom’s siblings. I’d never asked her to test. I don’t know why and I guess it teaches you that you should never assume anything. But today I asked my cousin to ask my aunt and she agreed,  and that’s fantastic. I’d tested her son thinking that she might not feel comfortable to test but her son; Rick’s results showed that perhaps he and potentially his mom had received more of the Beaton chromosomes than the rest of the family. So for me to prove that theory I need to test my aunt and if she does have more of the Beaton chromosome perhaps her DNA can help me with the Beaton/Batten mystery.

So I’m really excited about the kits that I will be working on in a few months. I can’t wait to find out what we learn from my brother-in-law’s kits and whether we can get some good matches for him and figure out his birth family and my dad so we can separate my mom’s DNA from his and finally my mom’s cousin; Margaret and my Auntie Violet;  and possibly more information in the quest to break down my brick wall.

Old Brick Wall

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