AncestryDNA Trees – Dig Deeper


One of the major frustrations for someone who’s done their DNA, is when one of their cousin matches doesn’t have a tree connected to their DNA. But that’s where you just might be wrong; well at least in the case of AncestryDNA you might be. You just might have to dig deeper.

I know that often I thought; “oh, if they’d only attached a tree”  but maybe they have. So here’s what I want you to do. Go to your match page and when you see a cousin who has “no tree” click the view match and when you see the dreaded page that says; “your cousin XXX has not yet linked a family tree to their Ancestry DNA results.” Then take a deep breath and cross your fingers and click on their user name. This will take you to their Ancestry profile page and maybe just maybe you’ll see their tree.  That one they haven’t gotten around to connecting. Sometimes you find out that they don’t have a tree but often it’s there you just have to dig for it. Just to give you an example; on an adoptee’s DNA results that I’m working on it had 21  fourth – sixth cousin matches with no trees (and that was just the first page). There were actually 8 trees once I dug deeper. 

Granted some of the trees were saplings but there was even a tree with 1232 people waiting there. You just might be surprised and find that hidden sapling or full-grown tree waiting for you.

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