Are You My Cousin? Don’t Just Listen To Me

DNA model

I know that I’m always harping on having your DNA tested and that I’m looking for cousins. But don’t just listen to me and what I say about how it can help you validate your research or maybe even help you with a brickwall. Perhaps if you listened to someone else in the field you’ll see that there might be something to all this DNA stuff.

That’s why this week I’m providing a link to Geoff Rasmussen’s column about what he found by testing his DNA. Geoff Rasmussen is the spokesperson for Legacy Family Tree and he offers excellent webinars on the subject of genealogy. Recently he had his DNA tested and it was wonderful to watch the webinar as he was advised by Diahan Southard (a DNA Consultant that I’ve used) on what his DNA was telling him. As the webinar continued I could feel the excitement as he realized that a theory that he had been working on for his brickwall was being broken down before his eyes. I won’t give it away; you can read his blog about it or watch the video. Note that if you chose to watch the video there will be a fee as the video is only available until April 26, 2016 for free. But it’s well worth watching.

So as usual; I’m asking …. Are you my cousin? Take a DNA test and find out. If you act quickly you just might catch a sale. But even if you don’t I still think it’s worth the money Cuz……

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