Have You Checked Out SHOTBOX?



When I was at Roots Tech earlier this year I purchased a SHOTBOX and it’s turned out to be a very useful product, even more useful than I originally anticipated.  If you’ve never heard of it then let me tell you. SHOTBOX is a light box that weighs about 5 lbs. that is collapsible and if you purchase the carrying case is quite compact and portable. I purchased mine with the carrying case, sideshot arm and backdrop assortment. Once it’s set up, and I have to say it’s very easy to do that, you can use your camera or cell phone to take photos. This is another tool to add to your genealogy arsenal.

Why would you need one? Well, one of the things that I do is take photos of family mementos, things that just don’t fit on a Flip Pal. For instance I have my great-aunt Ronnie’s bean pot. So with the SHOTBOX I can take a photo of her bean pot and then add it to the photos I have in my genealogy program. I know  Sure I could just put it on the table a take a photo that way,  but this gives you great lighting and you can add the different backgrounds and make it look much more professional. The canister’s below were my grandmother; Mary Beaton’s.

Bean   Veronica Middlebrough’s Bean Pot   Nanny's canisterMary Beaton’s Canister 


Here I’ve demonstrated with the white backdrop but if you buy the backdrop package you get white, blue, green and black. The sideshot arm which you can see in the photo is where you put your camera or cell phone. You use this to get shots from different angles.


Another function that is useful to me is that I can photograph things that are in my on-line store; Shop the Hound or if I’m putting something on eBay.  So it’s multi functional and that’s what I like in a tech tool.

If you’re interested then you can click the ad below and use the promo code to get $20.00 off.

SHOTBOX is always looking for other ways to enhance their product and it shows with their latest Kickstarter program which is for additional panel backgrounds. Give it a watch.


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