Genealogy Conferences – Why Should You Go?

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Over the next few months, my store; Shop the Hound will be busy going to genealogy conferences.

So why should you go to a genealogy conference? There are many reasons but here’s just a few that I can think of.

  • It’s a great opportunity to meet your peers. People who have the same interest and passion as you have for family history.
  • It’s usually a weekend filled with courses and lectures from local, national and sometimes international speakers.
  • Speakers that will expand your knowledge on any number of topics. How-to for the beginner, local genealogical records for those whose family has stayed in one place as well as sessions on exploring where to find records in far off places. You could learn how to plan a research trip or how to use a genealogy program to help you organize your research.  You could even learn what your DNA can do for your genealogy.
  • Best of all is the marketplace where you can find a virtual genealogy candy store of things you can purchase for genealogy. But then I might be biased.

So do I think you should go? You bet I do. Two upcoming conferences that we’ll be at are;

Ye Olde Genealogy Conference Faire  Alberta Genealogical Society April 21- 23, 2017 Edmonton, Alberta

The speakers are;

John H. Althouse, Lisa Alzo, Kyle J. Betit, Ruth Blair, Peter and Linda Darby, Susan Haga, Gene Philibert Ortega, John D. Reid, Gary Schroder, Diahan Southard and Dave Tyler

That’s quite the lineup.

Our Canada – Your Family: Building a Nation June 16 – 18, 2017 Ottawa, Ontario

The speakers are;

Lesley Anderson Kathryn Lake Hogan Irene Robillard
Blaine Bettinger Jane E. MacNamara Gary Schroder
Ruth Blair Danielle Manning Joshua Taylor
Sharon Callaghan Paul McIlroy Bruce Thomson
Linda Corupe Dave Obee Kyla Ubbink
Gail Dever Lynn Palermo Daniel Velarde
Johanne Gervais Serge Paquet Stephen C. Young
Kirsty Gray Marian Press
Christine Jackson Linda Reid









If you can’t make one of these events, you can check one of the sites below for other genealogy conferences or by googling a genealogy society near you.

FamilySearch Upcoming Events

Conference Keeper



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