It’s National DNA Day


It’s April 25th and National DNA Day and the sales are fantastic.  Here’s an overview of the sales available.



This just might be your best value. Purchase your AncestryDNA kit and then transfer your DNA to Family Tree DNA. Ancestry is now reporting over 4 Million samples in their system and it’s estimated they will reach 5 Million by the end of the year.

In Canada, you save $30.00 off the price of your kit. Click HERE to learn more

In the US you can save 20% off the price of your kit. Click HERE to learn more



You have two ways to purchase your 23andMe kit. You can purchase through Amazon or directly from the 23andMe site.

At you can purchase the genealogy kit for $79 or the health for $179 (For US only) 


Or you can purchase directly from their site and save $20 Click here to learn more. This sale ends May 14th


Family Tree DNA


Family Tree DNA has all their kits on sale. Family Finder @ $59, Y-37 @ $129, Y-67 @ $209

If you want to test your autosomal DNA (atDNA) and more then you want to purchase your kits HERE 


Living DNA

Living DNA test is all three tests: autosomal, mtDNA and Y-DNA! The sale runs through until Wednesday, April 26th. Click HERE for more information.


I’ve tested at all these companies and each provides different information about the most unique genealogy record you own… YOU. Besides, I want you to test because; I’m always looking for cousins.  

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