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Social media has become a huge part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,  Pinterest, LinkedIn and that’s just a few of the ones that I use. At times it makes it hard to stay on top of your genealogy.

But on Facebook, there is a lady I know who can help you keep up. Her name is Katherine R. Willson and she’s a genealogist and speaker out of Michigan. If you’ve never checked out her site; then you’ll  be amazed at her list of thousands of genealogy Facebook pages. There are groups for countries from around the world and ones for the different subject within genealogy. Facebook groups about restoring photos, religions, adoption, DNA (my favorite subject) just to name a few. With  326 pages I’m sure you’ll find a subject that you’re interested in. To see her list click HERE.

Something else that Katherine has is a list of all the genealogy YouTube channels. I bet you didn’t realize that there are 129 different channels and counting. If you’d like to find some genealogy viewing that I’m sure is going to grow you can find her list HERE.


The DNA Angel Project – Anniversary Edition UPDATE

We’ve drawn our winners for the July Anniversary Edition of The DNA Angel Project™ and we are now in the process of letting them know about their win. Be sure to check your email to see if you are a winner. If we don’t hear from the winner(s) we will have to redraw.

In the meantime;  you can save 10% on the Shop Family Tree Video

DNA Triangulation: What It Is and How to Use It – by Blaine Bettinger

What You’ll Learn

DNA Triangulation: What It Is and How to Use It will teach you:

  • How triangulation works and why it’s an effective genetic genealogy strategy for autosomal DNA testing
  • How to apply triangulation to your own genetic genealogy research, step by step
  • The difference between shared DNA segments and common DNA segments, and why it matters
  • How to analyze DNA results with your shared matches

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