Wave Rocketbook – Genealogy Rewind – Getting My Poop In A Group

So my quest to “Get my poop in a group” continues. When I did my desk space tidy up I also made one other purchase. I actually purchased it at Costco and had my stepson modify it by adding wheels to it. I tried to find what I purchased on the Costco site but you know how Costco is; if you see it and you think you want to buy it; BUY IT. I looked on Amazon and although I found something that would have been equally useful it’s slightly different. But you get the idea.

So two drawer is used for the DNA kits that I have available for my family and friends as well as to give away for The DNA Angel Project. One drawer is for projects that I’m working on for clients and one drawer is for all the notebooks that I had on my desk or on my bookshelf.

So next on the list of things I wanted to do is to clean up the notebooks. You know the ones that you collect with those notes that you don’t want to throw out because they might be important. I also have books for business meetings, DNA work, genealogy tasks, you get the idea.  It was about the time that I decided to clean up the notebook drawer that I looked into Rocketbooks. My son; Jason had been telling me for about a year, how well they worked but I never really took the time to check what they did. Once I found out I was sold.

I purchased my Rocketbook Wave and pen on Amazon (can you tell I’m an Amazon Prime member?) There are two sizes; 6 x 8.8″ or 8.5″x11″. It also comes with a pen, not just any pen, it’s a Frixion pen. (More about what makes it special later).

I opted for the smaller version as I wanted something similar to what I usually use. So what makes this Rocketbook so cool? Well, it works in conjunction with the Rocketbook app which you install on your smart phone. There are seven different symbols and each can be programmed to store in a different place. So you can send documents too; Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, email and more.  For this demonstration, I’m going to show you how I used it with Evernote but you can use it with any or all of storage places.


So first of all if you’ve never used Evernote you need to set up an account. Evernote is very similar to OneNote in that you have what looks like an online notebook with tabs and pages. To learn more about Evernote there are several books that have been written about using Evernote that you might want to check out HERE.

Once you’ve created your account you can set up various notebooks.  The next step is to install the Rocketbook app on your phone. Here you designate what symbols will be saved where.  I decided that I was going to look at an old notebook and any items that were things that I still needed to keep I was going to note it in my Rocketbook and the horseshoe would be designated My Archives in Evernote.

If I was writing something about DNA then I’d use the Rocketship. Then all my DNA notes would go to the DNA notebook on Evernote. Planned items for the  Family History Library will go to the FHL notebook.


So below you will see where I’ve written my notes then scanned that page and how it appears in Evernote. So cool.

How it looks in the notebook                                              and how it looks in Evernote

What truly makes the Rocketbook magical is that once you’ve filled up the book you can put the Wave Rocketbook in the microwave with a cup of water and microwave it. Remember that special pen I talked about earlier? Well, that ink disappears when you heat it to 140 degrees F or 60 degrees C. So because of that you can reuse the notebook 5 times.

I’m thinking that with this new Rocketbook I can take my drawer from:

This                                                                                            to this


Check the Pinterest board “Getting my Poop In A Group” for more ideas.

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