“Restore” To The Rescue

A favorite by-product of doing genealogy is family photos. Whether they are from your own collection or your parent’s or from a distant cousin that you’ve been able to take your Flip-Pal­­® to and scan their photos. But often you’ll have a beautiful photo that just isn’t as clear as you’d like or perhaps the colors have faded over the years. Now there is a solution and I’m happy to say that my online store; Shop the Hound  offers it. The product is called Restore and that’s exactly what it does. But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of my personal photos that I’ve used the product on. I’m very happy with the results and I just had to share.

So how does it work? Well, it’s really easy and that’s what I like. I’d love to be an expert with Photo Shop but that takes a lot of time to learn and to perfect. With Vivid-Pix you let the software do the work. Once you open the program; you select your image or images (you can choose to restore as many as you like). The Restore program then brings up a panel of 9 fixes. As everyone’s eyes see things differently you get a choice of 9 fixes. You choose which one looks best to you.

Here’s an example of a photo I have of my parents and my two brothers. A nice photo but a little pale.

So when I open this photo with Restore I’m given these 9 panels to choose from.

I’ve decided that I like the one at the bottom center the best. I select that one and I then I’m given some options to tweak it more or I can just accept this choice.  I suggest you play around with each of the settings to get a real feel for what they do. You can make as many changes as you’d like and you can even change back to the original correction if you decide that you aren’t happy with the changes you’ve made.

Now lets look at a black and white photo I have of Cora and Harry. As an aside; I’ve had this photo for something like 45 years but haven’t figured out who Cora and Harry are.  Cora and Harry are sitting in front of their Chili Con Carne shop, or so the back of the photo states. Funny but Cora also writes that she wishes she’s pulled down her dress a little.

I’ve made my selection for the best of the 9 and now I’ve corrected a tilt to the photo as well as cropped out the trim.

Once I’m happy with my corrections I can save the photo. The Restore program doesn’t replace the original photo it calls it   “Cora and Harry Vivid”.

How easy is that? I’m thinking pretty easy.  You can purchase RESTORE directly from Shop the Hound as a full license or as a RESTORE Bundle which includes a Flip-Pal® HERE or you can get a direct download at our partner; RESTORE.

Note: Shop the Hound pricing is in Canadian $ and Vivid-Pix is U.S. $





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