#AncestorChallenge2018 – #WriteYourStoryDay

Clu Gulager at Universal Studio

In 1970 my family took a vacation to California. It was a trip of firsts. One of which was meeting my first movie star. I met Clu Gulager at Universal Studio and he signed my photo and I was in heaven. Today is #WriteYourStoryDay. What’s your story? 

A few weeks ago I posted my first #AncestorChallenge2018 and it was a lot of fun. Today; March 14th is #WriteYourStoryDay and I thought it might be a great time to write a story about myself. I figure at least my father and sibling will read it. 🙂

If you’re like me and you love family history then you find yourself always involved in the lives of your ancestors. But what about the Story of You? It’s important to tell your own story for generations to come. After all, someday you will be one of the ancestors and will you have left a story behind?

So what are some of the stories you should be telling future generations? Here are 20 questions to get you started.

  • Did you and your siblings do something that got you in trouble? What was it?
  • My brother’s often called me the “Golden Child”. Were you the family golden child? If not who was?
  • My mom and her sister; Edna use to have family get-togethers that were themed. Hawaiian Day (everyone cooked a Hawaiian dish), Beach Day (everyone dressed up like we were going to the beach, as I recall it was January and very cold), Mexican Day (again everyone cooked something Mexican and we decorated the room and had a pinata). Can you tell that most of the theme were about food?
  • Did you have a favorite toy? What was it? When did you get it?
  • Where did you go to school? Were you like me a bit of an introvert? Or were you a mover and a shaker?
  • Did you have a favorite book? Television Show? Why did you love it?
  • Did you have your own room or did you have to share? What was good about it? What wasn’t?
  • Did you have a pet(s)? What did you have?
  • Do you have a favorite memory of you and one or both of your parents?
  • When did you learn to drive a car? Who taught you?
  • Did you go on family vacations?
  • Do you recall a favorite time with any of your grandparents?
  • Did your family go to church? What’s your first memory?
  • Were you involved in sports? What sport?
  • Were you an entrepreneur as a child? Lemonade stand, pet walking or cuttng the neighbor’s lawn, what business did you have?
  • Did you get an allowance? How much and what did you have to do to receive it?
  • What did you dream of being when you were growing up?
  • Did you meet someone famous as a child? Who was it? How did it impact you?
  • Did you have a favorite teacher? What did they do that changed you?
  • Did you have a best friend? Who was it and why were they the best?

So take a moment and create something and share with your family. Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram or send it as an email. Who can you inspire to do the same? Tell your own story;  be a part of #WriteYourStoryDay and #AncestorChallenge2018


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