Christmas In July

My friend; Thomas MacEntee is having a contest and running some promotions that he’s calling; Christmas in July. First of all, you can enter to win a $500 Amazon Gift card HERE. Second of all, he’s asked Shop the Hound if we’d like to be included in his daily Christmas in July deals and we said; you bet we would. So I wanted to let you know what we are offering. After all, you’ve been following the Family History Hound and Shop the Hound for quite some time. So effective right now we have three offers.

Offer #1 – With the promo code Thomas you can purchase a Pro V Bundle for 50% off the regular price.  After a hard day of researching at home or at the archives what would be better than a massage? The IQ Pro V Massage bundle can help with that. The IQ Pro V Massager is a IQ TENS Stimulator that is the latest in muscle therapy and electric muscle stimulation.  That’s technical talk for “you’ll feel wonderful”.

Click HERE to find out more about the Pro V

Offer #2 – With the promo code Thomas Ho Ho  you can purchase our Bullet Journal 101 download at 50% off the regular price.  There are a lot of reasons to create and use a bullet journal, from wanting to become more organized, to looking for a more interactive planner. Find out what a Bullet Journal is and why you need to start one.

Click HERE to find out more Bullet Journaling 101

Offer #3 – With the promo code JulyChristmas  you will receive a large and a small scan pad when you purchase at Zcan+ Mouse. This promo code works with our USB version and our wireless version. That’s a $29.98 Canadian savings.  (Please be sure to add a large and small scan pad to your purchase)

Click HERE to find out more Zcan+ Mouse Scanner

All the offers will be active until July 31, 2018

Also, I wanted to let you know that Amazon Prime Day is coming on July 16th and there’s a way you can take advantage of these exclusive deals before you pay for an Amazon Prime Membership. I tell you how on our Genealogy and DNA Treasures page HERE. Also, you’ll want to check our FB page on Prime Day (July 16th) because I’ll be doing my best to tell you about all the special offers that have to do with genealogy and DNA and maybe a few more because I love deals.

Maybe there really can be Christmas in July.


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