LivingDNA Partners with Findmypast

Exciting news in the genealogy community today. LivingDNA ; a British based DNA company made up of DNA experts from around the world and Findmypast;  a British and Irish family history site has now partnered.

What does this mean for us? This new partnership will combine cutting-edge science with a leader in traditional family history records and research. LivingDNA’s website states; “our tests provide a unique breakdown of ethnic identities associated with 21 regions across Britain and Ireland by analyzing unique combinations of linked DNA.” What I find exciting about LivingDNA is that they intend to offer matching in August (last information I heard) so if you have a British background,   like I do, I know you’ll find that exciting.  That couple with Findmypast which has twice as many Irish records as any other site as well as, Parish Records, the 1939 Register, British Newspapers and more. This sounds like the perfect match.

I love this partnership; perhaps because when I was at RootsTech in February I spoke with one of my Findmypast friends and I pitched this exact idea. I’m not saying that they hadn’t already had something in the works but I’m pleased that this has happened as its a match that makes sense.

Co-founder; David Nicholson said  “Our partnership with Findmypast continues Living DNA’s mission to make DNA testing simple. We are passionate at not only providing cutting edge ways of looking at your DNA but to do so with strict privacy measures by never selling your data. This partnership allows the most precise DNA test on the market to work together with Findmypast’s family history records in a way not done before”.

As of today, you can purchase your LivingDNA kit at 

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