Ontario Canada DNA Match Finder

This past week a new Facebook page popped up called Ontario Canada DNA MatchFinder.  At the time of writing this article there were 361 people that have joined. 

Since joining I have found one match that I’m connected to. But I’m sure more will follow as the membership grows. 

Here is what the description of the group is from the page. 
Ontario Canada DNA MatchFinder is a group for members to look up DNA matches with an Ontario connection. We provide a spreadsheet-based research tool (‘MatchFinder’) for people with Ontario ancestors who have a done a DNA test and have uploaded to GEDmatch and have a GEDmatch or Genesis Kit number. The benefit of this process is that you are able to quickly locate and start communicating with DNA matches who likely share a similar ancestral geographical location.

I thought this might be a way to perhaps breakdown my Ontario brick walls so I’ve not only added my kit but I also added both my parents. In hindsight, I probably should have just uploaded theirs. But then again it showed me that my mom connected to the match and I didn’t. 

As I mentioned at the present time I have one match and he’s to my mom. This should mean that he’s either related on the Beaton side or the Kottmann side of the family. I guess that’s not a given, I only say that because the Middlebrough side I believe was primarily from England and to the best of my knowledge no part of the family went to Ontario but you never know. The match is 23.3 cM which is a decent match but it will take a bit of digging to figure out the connections as it seems he has an Ontario brick wall as well. (But I’ll keep you posted). 

So if you have an Ontario, Canada connection consider joining the group and follow the directions to see who you might match. It’s really quite easy and who knows we may be cousins. After all I’m always looking for cousins. 


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