Genetic Affairs – Do-Over

In December I told you about a new tool for your genealogy toolbox called; Genetic Affairs. The blog was Genetic Affairs – Something New To Play With.

I gave you my step by step process but I don’t have a lot of DNA matches so it may have been a much different experience for you when you tried it.

That’s why I was happy to discover that Randy Seaver had written not one but three blog posts about this new tool.

The first blog is called; Using to Create DNA Match AutoClusters – Part I: Getting The ClustersIn this post, he explains how to set up an account, how to add a website and how to perform an AutoCluster.

The second blog post is called; Part 2: The Cluster Graphic. In this post, Randy provides more detail about his Ancestry Cluster file. He tells you what you receive when you get a cluster file and because he does have lots of matches he tells you what you can do to get the best experience with them.

The third blog post is called Part 3: Using the Cluster Information.  In this post, he explains how he uses the information from the files he receives from Genetic Affairs.

Give Randy’s step by step approach a try. Every time I learn something new about my DNA or I learn about a new tool to use with my DNA I am one step closer to discovering something new about myself.

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