FOREVER Club And Why It’s Right For Me

If you know me then you know that I dig into products that I use and I don’t just pass along a product unless it’s something I really believe in. That’s why I became a FOREVER Ambassador several years ago.

When I first heard about, FOREVER it was because I’d been using Creative Memories for my photo organizing and digital scrapbooking. It was at that time I heard about FOREVER Storage. Being the skeptic that I am I couldn’t believe they offered the storage of my photos for my lifetime plus 100 years. How could they do that?

Well, they can because they back the program with a fund which has nothing to do with the company. That means that even if FOREVER went out of business the fund would still be there to preserve my photos and keep them up to date with technology. I was SOLD.

Ok, so what does that have to do with FOREVER Club? Last year FOREVER introduced me to FOREVER Club. FOREVER Club is not only a club where you get exclusive offers and FREE FOREVER Storage every 3 months but it’s like a savings plan.

So I’ve chosen the FOREVER Club 25 program. This means that every month I pay $25 US to put in my account for a future purchase. So I can save for a photo book that I might want to create or buy digital art periodically when I want to.

This month because FOREVER has a special promotion for club members to receive 20% off everything with promo code CLUB10 so I decided I needed to get a conversion box. I know what your thinking… no, it’s not for photos (but I could use it for that if I choose to). No the reason I bought it was when I sorted through my dad’s house I found some VHS tapes and tape cassettes that I need to have converted. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you can also store your precious video is your storage account.

So here’s how my purchase played out. First I chose the Basic Box for $79 US then I used the promo code Club10 and got 20% off. Then I used my club savings so now my cost was $0. In case your wondering why it’s called Club10 and not 20 it’s because it’s the Anniversary of FOREVER Club and so as a bonus, I get 20% off and after July is over I can continue to use Club10 and receive 10% off all my purchases. That’s just one of the perks to being a club member. (When I get the box it also contains a 10% off coupon for a future purchase).

I’m not kidding myself I know I still paid $63.20 for the box but now I can send the 4 VHS tapes that I found in my dad’s things and have them uploaded to my account for viewing, so it’s worth it to me.

The cost of the box includes 3-way shipping so that means they will FedEx the box to me, I send it to be converted and then after conversion they send back to me. I don’t worry about them losing things because I worked as a Purchasing Manager for 24 years and in all those years we never lost a shipment and we shipped via FedEx every day.

Now you know why I think FOREVER Club works for me. Have a look to see if FOREVER is right for you. I’d love to be your Ambassador.

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